Michael Jon Gallery: Are you into beautiful artworks?

Are you into beautiful artworks? Are you currently looking for a good place where you can get the artworks you can display in your home or office? Then it is best if you check out the collections we have here at Michael Jon Gallery. We promise that you will not regret it as we have the most diverse art collection in the whole Wichita area. Might as well leave your garage door in Wichita behind so you can check out the collections we have to offer.

David Carson

Sopia Schwimmer

Damian Barkley

What can you find in Michael Jon Gallery?

What can you find in Michael Jon Gallery? There is a lot. Paintings are given with many different subjects you can admire and appreciate whether you are an art enthusiast or not. Any of these will fit well with whatever interior design you have in your home or business place. Also, they are guaranteed to give an additional appeal. We have here minimalist paintings and abstract. We also have them in surrealism and realism. Whatever it is you want, we can provide. Are you looking for an artist who can make your portrait or your family’s? We can provide to you that too. All you need is to reach out to us or visit us and let us do the rest.

here at Michael Jon Galler

Aside from panting, here at Michael Jon Gallery, you also have the chance to get various artworks such as sculpture made of a variety of materials, metal works, pottery, and glass works. All of them you can use in beautifying further your properties. They are made especially by both amateur and professional artists alike. Make sure to come to our place so you can see first hand all the artwork that we offer. You can take time to hold them and to touch them so you can have a feel of the vibe that it exudes.

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you can exhibit your own artworks

Michael Jon Gallery doesn’t just offer you work of arts you can bring home with you, we also offer here a place where you can exhibit your own artworks. So if you are an artist yourself, we’d love to accommodate you. Talk to us and let us talk to you about the particulars. Likewise, if you are an art enthusiast, make sure to sign up to our newsletter so that you can be first to know if and when we have an art exhibit that will be opened to the public. In that way, you will be among the first who can peruse all the available artworks that we have. In that way, you can choose wisely whatever artwork it is you are looking for.

Art Classes

At Michael Jon Gallery, even your kids have a place here. We offer regular art classes for different age groups to enhance their skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, and even doing a variety of all other artworks. We offer also here photography classes for kids and adults alike. Make sure not to miss the chance to enhance their knowledge whatever it is they are interested at. In that way, they can have an advantage and more chance of success in the future.

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