I have a 5-year old daughter whom I detected to have an inclination in drawing. Upon hearing that Michael Jon Gallery has their own workshop for kids, I immediately enrolled my daughter here. I never expected it but she has so much fun regularly. She always discussed to her mum and me all the things she has learned. So far, we appreciate how her drawing improved a lot. She can even color properly her books without help and most of the time, she can do it without going over the lines. The instructors in this place are really good.


I am an interior designer and this is one of the places I frequent when it comes to artworks my clients want to decorate their home. I really love all the aesthetically appealing artwork they managed to create starting with paintings, sculptures, and metal works. They also sell here beautiful weaved centerpieces that will go well in decorating both residential and business areas. This place really does not disappoint.


This place is nice. I’ve been here only once and I really managed to see the beautiful artwork in this place. They can even introduce you to the artists if you want. In fact, I already commissioned one of their artists to create a custom painting for my mother. You see, my mom loves any kind of art. That is the reason why I sought the help of this gallery in the first place. They managed to come up with something every member of my family can love. I was thinking of having another painting with them soon. Try to visit their place of business and be amazed by the variety they can present to you. I promise you will never regret it. They are really good in their craft.