DIY Train Table IKEA Hack

DIY Train Table IKEA Hack

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How to Choose the Right IKEA Table for Your Train Set

Want to have fun and spend quality time with your child or grandchild? Consider building a train table! You can either IKEA Hack it or purchase pre-made. The key to success? Selecting the perfect table for your train set. Here’s how to choose the right IKEA table for your train set!

The Benefits of Using an IKEA Table for Your Train Set

Using an IKEA table for your train set has multiple perks! It’s affordable, accessible, and customizable. There’s plenty of table choices to pick from, so you can find the perfect one for your train set.

Let’s examine these benefits in detail:

  1. Affordability- IKEA tables are much cheaper than other train tables out there, making them ideal for budget conscious families.
  2. Accessibility- IKEA stores are all over the world, so their products are easy to get.
  3. Customizability- You can customize IKEA tables to suit your train set needs and wants.

When shopping for your IKEA train table, remember to consider size, height, and material. If you’d like to make a custom table without spending a lot, try out a DIY IKEA hack!

The Different IKEA Tables Available for Train Sets

IKEA offers a plethora of table options to turn into a train table, both practical and attractive for kids. Three popular IKEA tables are:

  1. The LACK table – square-shaped, low to the ground, with multiple colors to choose from.
  2. The FLISAT table – T-shaped legs, adjustable according to your child’s height, as well as TROFAST storage boxes to hold train sets when not in use.
  3. The KRITTER table – small and compact, with a playful design and low to the ground, ideal for younger kids.

When deciding on an IKEA table to repurpose, bear in mind size, leg height and design, so that it matches your playroom decor and suits your child’s needs.

What to Look for When Choosing an IKEA Table for Your Train Set

When picking an IKEA table for your train set, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips:

  1. Size: Check the size of the table. It should be big enough to fit your train set and provide enough space to play.
  2. Height: Look for a table with a height suitable for your kid. An adjustable table is great as it can grow with them.
  3. Material: Check the material of the table to make sure it’s strong and durable enough to handle the weight of the train set.
  4. Additional features: Think about any extra features the table might have, like storage drawers or built-in shelves for train set accessories. This keeps the play area organized.

By considering these factors, you can find the perfect IKEA table for your train set. Then your child can enjoy endless hours of fun!

How to Prepare Your IKEA Table for Your Train Set

Create an amazing train table for the kids using IKEA tables! A few supplies and a dash of creativity can transform an IKEA table into something unique. Follow these steps to make your own train table:

  1. Get an IKEA table.
  2. Add the required supplies.
  3. Unleash your creativity!

Enjoy your unique train table!

Assemble Your IKEA Table Properly

Ready to get your IKEA table ready for your train set? Follow these steps for a DIY train table hack.

  1. Unbox and organize all the parts of your IKEA table kit.
  2. Read the assembly instructions carefully.
  3. Securely fasten all bolts, screws, and brackets with a screwdriver, wrench or pliers.
  4. Check that the table legs are level and flush with the tabletop.
  5. Wait several hours for the pieces to settle and tighten.
  6. Inspect the table for wobbling or instability and make any necessary fixes.

Pro Tip: Attach adhesive Velcro strips to the bottom of your train set to keep it from sliding or causing accidental movements.

Sand and Paint the Tabletop for Your Train Set

Transform an IKEA table into a train set with some prep! Sand and paint the tabletop to make it smooth for the train. Here are the steps:

  1. Sand the tabletop with fine-grit sandpaper. Make the surface smooth and remove any rough spots.
  2. Wipe the table clean after sanding.
  3. Apply a layer of primer to the sanded tabletop. Make sure the paint sticks and lasts.
  4. Paint the table in your favorite color. Use water-based paint for no harmful fumes.
  5. After the paint dries, apply a layer of clear varnish. Protect the paint from scratches and spills.

Pro tip: Use painter’s tape to design your train table before you paint it!

Add a Protective Finish to Your Tabletop

Protecting your IKEA train table is essential for avoiding damage and making it last. Here’s how:

  1. Sand the tabletop to remove any bumps.
  2. Clean off dust with a damp cloth.
  3. Choose a protective finish like lacquer or varnish. Apply in thin coats, letting it dry fully between each layer.
  4. Lightly sand between each layer for a smooth finish.
  5. Voila! Your train table’s ready for your set.

Tip: Use a high-quality brush or spray gun for a professional finish.

How to Customize Your Train Set Play Surface

Customize your train play set! Make a DIY train table to fit your budget. IKEA hack it! Transform a dresser or desk into a custom train table. Extra storage and design options await. Let’s find out more!

Create a Scenic Landscape for Your Train Set

Make your train set play surface stand out! Here’s how to customize and create a scenic landscape:

  1. Pick a theme – countryside, cityscape, mountains or a coastal town.
  2. Plan ahead. Sketch out the track and scenery on paper.
  3. Make a base – use foam board or plywood, cover with grass mat or paint green.
  4. Add scenic elements – mini trees, bushes, buildings, people and animals.
  5. Finish off – roads, bridges, tunnels and water bodies.

Pro Tip – Up the realism with LED lights for playing in the dark.

Add Roads and Buildings to Your Train Set Play Surface

Customize your train set and make playtime more fun with this DIY project!


  1. Select a flat surface – like an IKEA train table.
  2. Tape the surface to create roads.
  3. Paint the roads and add road signs, etc.
  4. Use cardboard and other materials to make buildings and scenery.
  5. Attach these with tape or glue.
  6. Wait for it to dry – and enjoy the results!

Your child’s playtime will be filled with extra creativity and imagination with this easy hack!

Incorporate Different Levels and Bridges for Your Train Set

Make your train set more fun and dynamic with levels and bridges! Here’s how to customize your set with an IKEA hack:

  1. Pick a table or surface that fits your train set.
  2. Buy wooden risers or blocks for extra levels.
  3. Attach the risers or blocks to the underside of the tabletop.
  4. Place wooden planks or pre-made bridge pieces over valleys or gaps.
  5. Drill holes in the tabletop and pass wiring through for powered pieces such as lights or motors.

Your train set will be elevated to new heights! Pro tip: add landscaping elements like miniature trees and rocks for extra realism.

How to Add Storage to Your IKEA Train Table

Parents, you know it can be tough to find a train table that’s both enjoyable and useful. Hence, the IKEA hack! This is a quick way to add storage to your current IKEA train table. Store your children’s toys, books, and games in here. Let’s see how to do this DIY project!

Install Storage Drawers Underneath Your IKEA Table

Adding storage to your IKEA train table is an easy DIY project. It provides a storage solution and keeps your kid’s play area free from clutter.

To do it:

  1. Buy drawers that fit the table’s dimensions.
  2. Turn the table over. Place drawers in desired location.
  3. Use screws to attach the drawer frames to the table legs.
  4. Secure any exposed screws and nails for added safety.
  5. Flip the table back upright.
  6. Organise train sets and accessories in the new drawers.

Your kid can now play in a tidy play area with this simple and effective storage solution.

Use Wall-Mounted Shelves or Cabinets for Additional Storage

Wall-mounted shelves and cabinets are a great way to increase the storage of your IKEA train table hack. Utilize the vertical space above and around your train table to get the most out of your storage. Here is what you should do:

  1. Choose shelves and cabinets that fit the style and color of your IKEA train table.
  2. Measure the space around and above your train table to get the perfect fit.
  3. Securely install the shelves or cabinets to the wall following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Label storage bins and baskets to organize small toys and train accessories.

By adding wall-mounted storage to the IKEA train table, create a clutter-free play area for your child that is both functional and fun. Pro tip: Opt for open shelves with adjustable height options to customize storage as needed.

Utilize Toy Bins or Baskets for Smaller Train Accessories

Want to store small train accessories in your IKEA train table? Toy bins or baskets are a great, budget-friendly way! Here’s how:

  1. Choose bins or baskets that fit under the table.
  2. Label each one with the accessories it holds (e.g. bridges, people, trees).
  3. Sort the accessories into their respective bins.
  4. Store them neatly underneath the table.

This storage solution not only keeps your child’s train table organized, but also encourages them to clean up after playtime.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your DIY Train Table

Congrats on your DIY Train Table from IKEA hack! Now, let’s look at how to maintain it. Here are some tips:

  1. Store it well.
  2. Clean it regularly.
  3. Also, troubleshoot common IKEA hack issues.

Enjoy your train table for a long time!

Regularly Clean and Dust Your Train Set and Table

Clean and dust your train set and table regularly for quality and longevity. Dust and debris can cause performance issues and even damage components.

Here’s how to clean and maintain your train table:

  1. Use a soft-bristled brush or clean, dry cloth to remove dust.
  2. For tougher grime, dampen the cloth with soap solution.
  3. Avoid harsh abrasives or solvents as they may scratch or discolor.
  4. Remove debris or obstacles from tracks to avoid damage or derailments.
  5. Store in a dry and cool place to prevent any moisture damage.

Store Train Set Accessories and Pieces Properly

Organize and keep your train set accessories and pieces in excellent condition, with these helpful tips!

  • Use resealable bags or plastic containers with lids to store small items, like tracks, trees, and people.
  • Label each bag or container to know what’s inside.
  • Store larger items like train engines and cars in a storage bin or on shelves.
  • Keep your train set away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place.
  • Don’t put it near sharp objects or heavy items – this could cause crushing or puncturing.
  • Pro tip: Before storing, make sure the accessories and pieces are totally clean and dry to prevent mold and mildew.

Troubleshoot Common Issues with Your Train Set and Table

Maintaining and troubleshooting your DIY train set and table is essential for a smooth ride and long life. Here are some common issues and solutions:

  1. Train Derailments: Check if track is level. Clean wheels? Is car too heavy?
  2. Train won’t move: Battery charged? Connections clean? Wires clipped?
  3. Dirty Track: Train not moving smoothly? Use cloth, alcohol, or specialized device to clean.
  4. Loose Track Connections: Tracks come apart? Check connectors are tight. Make sure they’re lined up properly.
  5. Power Interruptions: Train going off and on? Sufficient power source? Power inlets functioning?

Follow these tips and tricks! Maintaining your DIY train table can be fun and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a DIY Train Table IKEA Hack?

A DIY Train Table IKEA Hack is a project where you transform a regular IKEA Lack table into a fun and functional train table for your kids.

2. What tools and materials do I need for this project?

You will need an IKEA Lack table, wooden train tracks, screws, a drill, a saw, and non-toxic paint, among other basic DIY tools.

3. How long does it take to complete this project?

This project usually takes several hours to complete, depending on your experience level and the materials you choose to use.

4. Can I customize my DIY Train Table?

Absolutely! This project is highly customizable, and you can choose your own colors, track designs, and accessories to make it unique to your child’s interests.

5. How much does it cost to make a DIY Train Table IKEA Hack?

The cost of this project will depend on the materials you choose to use. Basic materials such as the table, paint, and tracks can cost around $50-$75. Adding accessories such as trees, bridges, and buildings can increase the cost.

6. Is this project safe for my children?

As long as you use non-toxic paint and materials and ensure that the tracks and accessories are securely attached to the table, your DIY Train Table IKEA Hack should be safe for your children to play with.